Shauna Basil

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A trust artist—three words that best define H&H tattoo artist Shauna Basil. She’s been found with a pencil in her hand since she was three, doodling dinosaurs after she first watched Jurassic Park, then comics and anime soon after.

Shauna taught herself how to tattoo after graduating from a vocational high school where she majored in art, allowing her unique style to permeate her ink work. She later moved to Fullerton, CA where she obtained an apprenticeship and turned pro in 2010, taking her talents along the west coast from Humboldt to San Diego and even Austin, TX for a little bit. Today, we’re lucky to have her in our shop in Las Vegas, where she rocks her neotraditional skills on the daily.

In off-hours, Shauna lets her imagination run wild. She and her pup like to explore caves, mountains…anywhere concrete structures can’t be found. “Unless there’s a creepy old building, then I’m down to explore that.” Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places after all.

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