Not everything ‘stays here’ in Vegas. The best moments and memories come with you. This is especially true for those who honor their Vegas memories with a tattoo. The artists at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Las Vegas are proud of the Sin City culture and love to help people from all over the world pay tribute to their Vegas memories with ink. Here are some of the pieces we’ve created. 

Lady Luck

Some go home with a lot more than they came with after hitting up the slots and tables. It’s a cause for celebration and a reason to capture the moment artfully. We’ve given many of them our own spin.

Welcome to Vegas 

The lights. The scene. There’s no place like it. And many of our clients honor the city with a tattoo. Even some who live here that want to show their hometown pride. We’ve done a lot of them. 

Believe It

Vegas offers wow moments with every single visit. Music, dance, theater and the extraordinary happen here. Whatever you’re into, you can find it. And we can tattoo it. 

The Hart of Vegas

Founder Cary Hart has some incredible pieces that tell stories of his favorite Vegas scenes. He doesn’t do anything half way, so they’re expressive, full of detail and they’ve served as inspiration for our clients and even our artists. 

If it happened in Vegas and you never want to forget it, come visit us. We’ll create something you’ll love together. No luck needed. See you in the shop.